Management Reporter—Got Day of the Week in your Title?

Got the day of the week showing up in your financials? Here’s how to lose it.

Thursday looks strange, doesn’t it


I’ll show you how to get rid of it.

First I want to look at the header in the report definition


The @DateLong is the culprit. You might think that changing it to something different might be the way to go. That’s not a horrible guess, but there’s a better way.

The best answer is to change the “Long Date” settings in regional options on the server.

On the server, go fool with the Regional settings


Open the Control Panel, then go find the Regional settings. (Yours may not look exactly like this.)


On the Formats tab, take a look at the Long Date. The format (with the day of week) looks exactly like the date in the report header. I’m going to change that by clicking Customize this format.

Choose the Date tab in the Customize dialog


In the dropdown, switch the Long Date to MMMM dd, yyyy.

Now you should be good to go

Back in Management Reporter, when you regenerate the report, the date should look lots better.


  1. Jan Harrigan CPA says

    I received an email comment yesterday from Tracie who says “Thanks, Jan — I hate the way the reports show the day!! Can’t wait to fix this!”

  2. Cindi Todd says

    Thanks, Jan. Microsoft certainly should have an option within MR to handle this, but I appreciate the work around. It looked so ridiculous that I’ve been hardcoding the date in each month (UGH!) since implementing MR in November.

  3. Jan Harrigan CPA says

    Hardcoding? Oh you’re KILLING me!

    Will discuss with Microsoft next week at Convergence. I’ve received so many emails about this post; seems it struck a chord!

  4. Ann Love says

    We are using a terminal server environment and the regional settings have been changed. When I run the reports as an administrator on the server I see the correct dates but when a non-administrator runs the report they still see the day of the week. Any ideas for what security changes need to be made short of giving everyone administrator privileges?

  5. Jan Harrigan CPA says

    Try getting the other users to make the same change. I see this when I teach this in class…often multiple people have to change this.

  6. Jan Harrigan CPA says

    I did discuss this with Microsoft last week at convergence. Unfortunately, it’s here to stay.

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