Crying my Eyes out over RU4

Late last week I downloaded RU3 (Rollup 3) that updates Management Reporter 2012. I had lots of trouble downloading it. Chrome doesn’t work on the Microsoft File Transfer Manager, but I sort of expected that. I expected IE to work. It didn’t. It took hours of fooling around updating Flash and configuring popup blockers and all that jazz. I nearly called the whole thing off. But I write Management Reporter training manuals and have to keep my internal installation of MR updated. But I finally figured it out—I switched from 64-bit IE to old, slow, long in the tooth 32-bit IE. That finally allowed the file to download. For crying out loud! All in all, an insanely frustrating day. But I digress.

So this past Monday, I bit the bullet and somehow used this download to successfully update my own install of Management Reporter. Trust me when I say I’m no installer, so this was quite an accomplishment. I breathed a sigh of relief. Turns out, it was premature.

On Tuesday, I found out that RU4 had been released on Monday.

I may have sort of cussed a blue streak at first. Then I dried my eyes, downloaded it and installed. Done in a fraction of the time of RU3.

The gist of this post—RU4 (Rollup 4) for Management Reporter 2012 is out! There are bug fixes and performance improvements and new features.

And Microsoft is doing smaller more frequent releases, so I won’t be overly surprised (this time) to see an RU5 pop up sometime soon.

Cheers! Jan


  1. Jan Harrigan CPA says

    Hmmm…I see the download with the release date of Friday April 19, and the version has definitely changed…but it’s still marked as RU4. Wonder what’s up with that.

  2. Doug Karel says

    Most of the manuals on the download website have changed to have a April 2013 publication date. I’m guessing Microsoft is just pushing the update out and will change some of the links\verbage when they get to it.

  3. Amir says

    Hey Jan,

    Is there a document that lists down the changes and fixes made in RU4 and 5.



  4. Jan Harrigan CPA says

    If there is, I haven’t found it. But you might try the list of ‘known issues’ on the download page.

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