Migration from FRx to Management Reporter

If you want to migrate reports from FRx to Management Reporter, a migration tool exists today.

It doesn’t bring over everything, but then you wouldn’t really expect it to. I have lists at the bottom of this post of what comes over and what doesn’t. First, though, a couple of thoughts.

I heard lots of comments about ‘easy to migrate’. I didn’t really buy that. You should know that because Management Reporter is ‘dimension aware’, it could be a good bit of work to migrate over unless you’re on AX (which is also dimension aware). You will have to reselect accounts. It’s on my list to investigate.

Another thing to think about: you may not want to migrate all FRx reports because there may be better ways to present this information in PerformancePoint Server (if you purchase it).

Here are the lists of what’s carried over in migration and what’s not.

Carried over in migration:
1. Company Information, including Company Code, Company Name, Specification Set, Regional Options, and Period Descriptions
2. Specification sets, including Report definitions, Rows, Columns, and Trees
3. Account sets
4. Font styles

Not carried over in migration:
1. Company configuration information
2. Generated reports (.frd files) After migrating report definitions, you can regenerate any historic reports that you want to be available in the report library
3. Report definitions that were created by using the Microsoft FRx 6.7 Dimension wizard
4. Security configuration, including user names and passwords
5. E-mail addresses tied to a report definition
6. Data related to Microsoft FRx 6.7 features that are not available in Management Reporter (for instance, an XBRL report won’t migrate)


  1. Chris Mast says

    Any updates on the migration of FRx to MR? Does anyone have experience with it? Also, any informaition on an integration between MR and GP10? Thanks.

    I need to re-write many of my reports over the next couple of months due to significant changes in the COA. So I might as well migrate as well. Problem is, we can’t get on GP11 and I understand MR won’t integrate with GP10. Do I have this right? I hope I don’t have to rewrite these reports twice.


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