What to do about Accounts that won’t show up in FRx

Got a new account that won’t appear on a report?


You’ve added it to your chart of accounts, and to your FRx row format. You know you have data posted to it. But it just won’t show up on the report no matter what you try.

Same thing for new budget book codes.

Here’s what to try first: rebuild the index. In the catalog, drop the report date box down, check the box to “Rebuild FRx GL indexes”, and run the report. That should do it. That forces FRx to go take a brand new snapshot of your GL chart of accounts.

If that doesn’t work, you can delete or rename the .g32 file (that’s the index file) in the sysdata directory in the FRx install. (It will start with the first few letters of the FRx company name plus some random numbers, followed by a .g32.) All users should log out of that company in FRx first.

The .g32 file rebuilds once a day the first time someone logs in to the company. It’s a picture of your chart of accounts. That’s why you might add an account one day and it won’t show up, but when you run the report the next day, it appears. And that’s why the above steps work: they reshoot the picture of the newer chart. So now you know. Cheers—Jan


  1. Guy Trudeau says

    Jan, Tried this but it does not work for us. We are trying to bring in an account from another company. no joy.

  2. says


    I try to insert a new row but, i see the system only have 78767 files

    how i can create more files??


  3. Jan Harrigan CPA says

    Hi Santy…I don’t recall the limit, but you’ve probably reached it. That’s an awful lot of rows, though…I would rethink the design with drilldown capability in mind, using less detail and more grouping if possible. The most extreme example would be a one-row trial balance with all accounts that you’d drill down on, vs. a billion-line trial balance that is impossible to keep in balance. Good luck…Jan

  4. Jan Harrigan CPA says

    Hi Ken…[perfect timing, btw] in the Catalog, go to the Report Options tab, then to the Advanced tab, and check Include amounts in future periods. It’s on by default, but sometimes gets unchecked. Good luck…Jan

  5. Psyche Semilla says


    Last month we were unable to generate the P&L report, however, when a new Catalog(saved as P&L1) was created and the same Row, Column and Reporting Tree was used. The report generated successfully. This month, the P&L1 report will not generate. No error message is shown. We have tried rebuild FRx GL indexes but that did not help.

    Would you know what is causing the problem?

  6. Jan Lenoir Harrigan CPA says

    Hi Semilla…hmmm might be corruption. Here’s what to try…it’s fast, easy, practical. Backup, get your users out, open FRx, log into the company that has the report (FRx may open this company automatically), then go to File > Compact FRx Database > Current Spec Set Database. Hope that works for you. Good job on trying indexes first. Jan

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