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New to Management Reporter? 3 Essentials to Know Before You Start

3 Essentials for Management Reporter Beginners I'll be short and sweet. [For those who know me, just a little joke.] What you need to know—I've boiled it down to 3 essentials: Start with the Main Account —aka Natural account or Object code. Don't try to mix in other dimensions in the row (departments, funds, locations, etc.) until you've got a report with the Main account done and tied … [Read More...]

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Management Reporter CU7—Lots of New Stuff for AX Users

Significant for GP 2013 and SL 2011, but heads up for AX 2012 users Microsoft released Cumulative Update 7 for Management Reporter a week or so ago. Here's what's up: You can now Drill to Dynamics from the web viewer if you're running AX 2012, GP 2013, or SL 2011. Currency translation for AX 2012 has arrived. AX does the translation and Management Reporter reports it. Here's a … [Read More...]


Clamoring for Cash Flow?

Ripping hair out over trying to do a cash flow in Management Reporter? I just finished writing my third Management Reporter training manual: Creating Reports in Management Reporter III — How to Create 1 Cash Flow Statement With 3 Variations and Optional Link to Excel. Bottom line, I teach the simplified technique for cash flow that I've been using for years. It's made me look like a … [Read More...]


Bug Watch—Be Careful with Print Date and Time in Footer

Careful with the codes that print the date and time They aren't working. I'm talking about @PrintDateShort and @PrintTimeShort. Here's a footer using these codes to show the date and time the report was generated: That's not what they're pulling though. When the report is opened, they pull the current system date and system time. So they update whenever you reopen the report in either … [Read More...]


Management Reporter—How to use AX Attributes to get Drilldown on Steroids

How to use AX Attributes in MR to get lots of drilldown information about a transaction There are tons of new attributes available for AX in the latest release of Management Reporter 2012 CU6. [aka version 2.1.6041.36, aka Cumulative Update 6] BTW, all these concepts hold true for GP and SL too. You'll just see a different list of attributes. These attributes will give you lots … [Read More...]

Glutton for Punishment? Well OK—Here's More